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Preserve the experience, experience the art.

highest quality taxidermy × crafted with respect and care


Meet me

My name is Cassandra Moe, I am a full service taxidermist living in the prairie lands of southwest Minnesota. I specialize in both retail and wholesale taxidermy. My background is in the arts. I received my arts education in St. Paul at the Collage of Visual arts. My background in the arts informs my taxidermy through my strong ability to create dynamic compositions, think outside the box, and create accurate realism by studying and emulating visual research of the nature I strive to represent. I take great personal pride in each and every mount I do. They are all a part of my personal art story! I feel it is important to treat each customer and their trophies with the respect they deserve. You work hard to get that experience, and I can assure you, I'll work hard to preserve it! 

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Cassandra Moe: (612) 240.0400


27150 200th Street

Reading, MN 56165